The world of hair extensions can be confusing as well as exciting. So today, we are answering your most frequently asked questions and doubts about hair extensions.
  • Are Hair Extensions Bad For Your Hair?
Hair extensions are not bad for your hair. They are meant to add to your original hair. It can give you volume, length, colour and even help in covering wide parting and balding.
  • Are Hair Extensions Painful?
Hair extensions are not supposed to hurt you. Just like any regular hair accessory, like a tic-tac clip, if you do not put it properly it will hurt. Hair extensions are very comfortable when clipped properly.
  • Are Hair Extensions Washable?
Human hair extensions are washable with normal shampoo and conditioner. Depending on the frequency with which you wear the hair extensions, you can wash them once in 2 weeks or once a month.
  • Are Hair Extensions Made From Real Hair?
Hair extensions come in two types - Human Hair and Synthetic Hair. We only deal with Human Hair. Human hair lasts longer, looks more realistic and is the most popular choice.
  • Are Hair Extensions Worth It?
Hair extensions are definitely worth the investment in the long run. They last for 5+ years with good maintenance and is the easiest way to achieve hair goals without damaging your bio hair.
  • Can Hair Extensions Be Permanent?
There are temporary hair extensions as well as permanent ones. Permanent hair extensions are attached and removed by professionals at a salon. Temporary ones are easy to use on a daily basis and can be removed easily by the wearer.
  • Can Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?
Hair extensions are not meant to damage your hair, they are meant to add volume and length to your existing hair. Hair extensions when pulled excessively and tugged with pul your original hair. Then again, pulling and tugging on your own bio hair will also cause damage. Hence, hair extensions solely will never damage your hair.
  • Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?
Hair extensions will not cause hair loss unless you wear them 24/7 i.e when you sleep, shower, etc That is not advisable. Always remove your hair extensions before going to bed. Hair extensions and hair accessories have 1 similar rule; clip them and remove them with TLC.
  • Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed?
Hair extensions made of hair can be dyed to any colour and styled as you wish. It is heat resistant as well.
  • Can Hair Extensions Help Thinning Hair?
Silk ToppersLace Toppers and Frontal Lace wigs are a few hair extensions we provide for hair loss for women. You can contact us at nywhair@gmail.com to know more.
  • How are Hair Extensions Are Made?
Hair extensions are sourced from raw hair (never straightened, dyed, highlighted, permed) from donors and then chemically treated or processed to match the client's requirements.
  • How Hair Extensions Are Applied?
Hair extensions like the clip-in or clip-on extensions, come with clips that can be opened and gently inserted comfortably into your hair. The permanent hair extensions methods include tape-in extensions, fusion method, weaving method, and wigs which require professional help for installation.
  • What Hair Extensions Are Best?
Clip-in or clip-on hair extensions are the best. They are easy to use and can be removed as and when you need them.
  • What Hair Extensions Last The Longest?
Depending on how fast your hair grows they last for 3-6 months. Tape-in Hair Extensions last for 4-6 weeks. Clip-in Hair extensions last for 5+ years as they are not permanent and can be used and when needed.
  • What Hair Extensions Are Best For Thin Hair?
Clip-in Hair extensions under the weight of 150 gms work well for thin hair. To add more crown volume go for a good topper and for those who have a low volume at the tips, any of our Clip-in Hair extensions work wonders.
  • What Hair Extensions Are Best For Short Hair?
All types of Clip-in Hair extensions are perfect for short hair. Choose from a range of 16" and more for length and volume.
  • What Hair Extensions Are Best For Thick Hair?
Depending on the requirement, any hair extensions with low density or weight in grams will not only look more natural for thick hair but will also reduce the discomfort heavy extensions might cause. We suggest hair extensions under the weight of 150 gms.
  • When To Remove Hair Extensions?
Remove your clip-in hair extensions before going to bed or a shower. Permanent ones have to be removed every 4-6 weeks.
  • When To Wash Hair Extensions?
Depending on how often you wear it, wash your hair extensions once in 2 weeks or once in a month. Use normal shampoo and conditioner to wash them. We suggest air drying them before styling them with heat.
  • When To Use Hair Extensions?
Use hair extensions when you want to add length, volume and colour to your hair without damaging it or waiting for your hair to grow out. The most popular reason to use hair extensions is to cover balding or wide parting.
  • Which Hair Extensions Look The Most Natural?
To cover up balding, silk toppers give you a skin-like parting, making it almost undetectable as a topper. For length and volume, any clip-in hair extensions made of human hair is extremely natural. Remember to always blend the extensions with your bio hair.
  • Will Hair Extensions Fall Out?
Hair extensions are either hand-tied or machine stitched. Extreme pulling and tugging will cause the hair to fall out - just like your own hair. Handle it with care and shedding will be minimal. Losing 1 - 2 strands per combing session is very normal.